Hiring New Faculty Members
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    Hiring New Faculty Members

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    Article summary

    dFac streamlines the process of bringing new faculty members on board and ensuring their new appointments are approved. Personal information and appointments are routed through required approvals based on the faculty member’s rank and organization. Once fully approved, the faculty member can be put on the payroll using the Hire iForm.

    Data for new faculty members can be entered as soon as they accept a verbal or written offer. Background checks for faculty members are valid for 12 months. For more information, please see the section on pre-hire status.

    If you anticipate having the form open on your computer for a long time, be sure to save it as a draft periodically to prevent timing out. At any time, you can save the New Faculty Member form as a draft by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the Save as Draft button. Go to the Universal Worklist to view the draft form and continue working on it. Once submitted, the form may stay in Open/For Approval status as long as needed.

    The process of adding a new faculty member to dFac involves the following steps:

    1. Selecting a position in which to hire the faculty member
    2. Completing page 1 of the New Faculty Member Form
      1. Assigning a Duke Unique ID (DUID)
    3. Completing page 2 of the New Faculty Member Form
      1. Entering personal information
      2. Creating appointments
      3. Entering education and professional training information
      4. Adding contact information
    4. Submitting the New Faculty Member form in dFac
      1. Tracking the approval process
    5. Submitting the Hire iForm in iForms

    1. Selecting a Position

    The new faculty member’s position must already exist before you can start the New Faculty Member form. The new person will be hired into this position. dFac expects faculty positions to be vacant prior to hire; adding more than one position holder to a faculty position will cause the Appointments form to perform certain actions on ALL position holders. New positions are created in iForms.

    To select a position:

    1. On the Faculty Views page, select “Search for a Position” if you know the position number already. Type the position number and click the Go button.
    If you don’t know the position number, select the “Positions” view and browse the positions in each organization. A screenshot of this view is below. Note that non-faculty positions are listed as well.

    2. Click the New Forms link on the position into which you want to hire the new faculty member. The New Faculty Member form appears.

    Note: Faculty should only be hired into empty positions. If you hire someone into a position that is already filled, you will over-allocate that position. In the screenshot above, the Student position is over-allocated, thus the Position Holder is listed as Multiple Assgmt.